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More than 20 years "know-how" and experience is designed into our high performance PC-instrumentation products. Quality always stands out - the best dynamic measurement specifications demonstate the electronic design competence, while the low-fat, highly optimized and reliable software underscores our commitment to overall excellence. The combination creates products that meet the highest demands, are a pleasure to use and have sufficient versatility to be re-used in a variety of future applications. We welcome your interest and questions, and the opportunity to demonstrate our customer service.

UltraFast PCI Express cards

  • Digitizers / Transient Recorders to 1 GS/s
  • Waveform Generators to 125 MS/s
  • Digital I/O to 125 MS/s

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UltraFast Netbox Ethernet/LXI

  • 16 channels, 10 MS/s, 16-bit
  • 16/8 channels, 30/60 MS/s, 16-bit
  • 8 channels, 500 MS/s, 14-bit

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We offer the widest software support in the industry with SDK's for Microsoft Windows 8/7/XP, Linux (more than 50 distributions), MATLAB (Windows and Linux), LabVIEW (Windows) and LabWindows/CVI. Source code examples are included to give you a fast start.

Low Cost-of Ownership and long EOL

FREE software drivers, FREE lifetime software updates, FREE lifetime technical support and a TWO YEAR warranty means the purchase price is all you will ever need to pay. For our OEM's, a long period of availability is important; here we guarantee availablity for a minimum of 10 years.